Most Expensive Luxury Spanish Villas In Marbella

Marbella is a beautiful region in Spain that has some of the most luxurious and expensive properties for sale and rent. Simply put, these villas are absolutely magnificent and breathtaking whichever way you look at it. So, not to dwell too much on it, let’s get to know the most expensive luxury Spanish villas in Marbella.

1. Villa Los Verdiales Golden Mile

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Located in a small exclusive urbanized location that has multiple five-star hotels surrounding it, this villa in Marbella is located 2 rows from the bitch and it’s equipped with 24/7 private security. With a minimum one week’s rental, Villa Los Verdailes Golden Mile costs $56,000 per night!

The east wing of the villa is equipped with two guest suites and two bedrooms along with one bathroom and a study. The first floor is connected through a wonderfully made marble staircase upon which you are greeted by the master suite. Each bedroom has its very own terrace that overlooks the wonderful sea. The marble floor connects the hallway with the children’s bedroom, spacious living room, and the dining room. The games room is equipped with a bunch of amenities for entertainment, and the bar and main kitchen are fully equipped with beverages and foods. Some of the other amenities located on this property is a pool, Jacuzzi, BBQ, gym, indoor pool, sauna, spa, etc. The villa is equipped with staff that has their own quarters and bathrooms.

2. Villa Belair

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With a front sea view and view of Puerto Banus, villa Belair is located in the area of Comojan, next to Sierra Blanca. This villa has seven bedrooms and 7 bathrooms spanning across 4200 sq meters. The villa, according to Physis Realty, is located on 1900 sq meters above sea level, hence the perfect view. Villa Belair has underground heating throughout the house, a large front side, heated, swimming pool, and an exotic fish pound. The villa is fully equipped with all the must-need amenities such as a Jacuzzi, gym, spa, sauna, pool table, table tennis, wifi, air conditioning, satellite TV, and more. With a newly constructed VIP guest room, indoor and outdoor bars, and a large exotic aquarium, this villa costs a whopping $46,000 per night.

3. Casa Isabella Marbella Club

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Located on the grounds of the Marbella Club Hotel, the Casa Isabella is a fully automated, smart, home that was constructed back in 2013. Located just 200 meters from the beach, Casa Isabella has probably one of the best entertainment features out there, a poolside cinema. This villa has four levels with an elevator going throughout the casa. With five bedrooms and five bathrooms, maid service, and a heated outdoor pool, this villa is the best accommodation a family could rent. With walking distance to the beach, supermarket, restaurants, and lots of bars, the villa has a prime-location that many would dream of in Marbella. Being part of the Marbella Club Hotel means that this villa has access to lots of beach watersports, golf, basketball, pool, table tennis, and lots of swimming pools. All floors have access to sea view and other amenities such as an outdoor Jacuzzi, gym, sauna, spa, bodega, parking, heating, wifi, air conditioning, satellite TV, BBQ, and 24/7 private security. The villa boasts similar price rental per night, which is an astonishing $45,000.

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