What You Need To Know When Buying A Yacht

Owning a yacht is considered one of the traditional attributes of luxury.

First of all, a person who wants to buy a yacht or boat should decide whether he really needs this purchase. If you are interested in rare boat trips, then it is more expedient to rent a ship, because the cost of a not the most expensive yacht is equivalent to a good car. Yes, and hundreds of thousands of rubles will have to be paid for the boat. At the same time, the costs will not be limited to the purchase: the vessel must be serviced in a timely manner and properly stored.

If yachting is a hobby that you have been planning to do for a long time, then there are several important nuances that you need to consider.

To begin with, it is important to understand what kind of yacht you want: sailing or motor. The first requires more involvement. Travel on such a vessel will largely depend on the wind. You will not be able to manage a sailing yacht alone: you will need an assistant or even a whole team. Yes, and it will take longer to learn how to manage a sailboat. It can take from several weeks to several months.

Motor yachts are more like cars. However, to manage both types of vessels, you will have to obtain special rights.

You should also consider buying yacht insurance as well.

Yacht characteristics

Yacht characteristics

Source: onthewater.com

Choosing a ship at random is not a good idea. Before buying a yacht, it is worth understanding exactly how you are going to use it. Answer yourself the question in which water area you intend to walk. Several characteristics will depend on this at once:

  • Travel distance. This parameter affects the choice of engine power and fuel supply. It indicates the maximum distance the yacht can travel without refueling.
  • Add-on type. According to the degree of openness of the deck, motor yachts are divided into open, semi-closed, and closed. This indicator will depend on what weather you can use the ship.
  • Draft. For motor yachts, the draft depends on the displacement and type of drive. For sailboats – from the type of keel. They, in turn, are divided into stationary and mobile. The ability to fully “retract” the keel into the hull gives a minimum draft, which will be useful in shallow water.

How to buy a yacht

How to buy a yacht

Source: luxyachts.com

First of all, find the best sites for selling a yacht. Example boatsector.com. In order to buy a dream ship, you need to research the market. Look for reviews in yachting magazines and thematic blogs. There you can learn about the pros and cons of specific vessels and start making a more targeted choice.

It is better to search for a specific yacht with the help of aggregator sites that provide a large database of different models. Popular sites, as a rule, give users the opportunity to sort yachts according to the desired criteria and compare them with each other.

The next step is to study the information on the website of the shipyard manufacturer or local distributor. This will allow you to get additional information about the boat of interest, as well as get to know other yachts from the same line.

It is important to understand that small boats are not suitable for investment. Their value over the years will not rise, but fall. For this reason, it is best to choose a shipyard with a good reputation, so that in the future the demand for the yacht produced by it in the secondary market will continue.

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