The 13 most beautiful superyachts at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show event was opened on Thursday, September 26 and lasted until Saturday, September 29 at the 40 acres of Port Hercules. This natural bay is famous for hosting boats since ancient times.

Monaco Yacht Show is the most expensive and prestige sea events for superyachts. The first Show opened in 1991 with only 32 yachts in the area of 1,000 meters. After 8 years, in 1999 Show was opened in the area of 2,000 meters, and in 2013 the Principality of Monaco finally takes a part in this event, since then they are official partners. If you want to take a closer look a daily pass costs about $325.

In the article below you can read about the 13 most beautiful and prestige yachts at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show.

13. 500EXP(Manufactured by SanLorenzo)

The glamorous yacht has a top speed of 15 knots and a helipad for helicopter and of course the price is not available. 500EXP is 47 meters long.

12. All About U (Ada Yacht Works)

We do not know the price for this beauty, but we know, for sure, that Turkish yacht has 6 cabins for 12 guests and one VIP stateroom.

11. Aquarius ( Feadship)

This 92 meters long yacht was sold for €53 million in 2015. It is the show`s largest yacht and has a helipad, swimming pool, massage room, beauty salon, jacuzzi, gym, and workouts drop- down terrace.

10. Cecilia (Wider Yachts)

The most stunning about Cecilia is touch-and-go helipad for helicopter and submersible garage. Interesting about this garage is that can be turned into the beach club and swimming pool. The price of the yacht is from €20 million to €50 million.

9. Dar (OceanCo)

Yacht with 295-foot has 31 crew member and can house 12 guests. This stunning boat has sauna, helipad, garage, swimming pool, elevator, and the price is not available.

8. El Leon (Mangusta)

It is famous for the infinity swimming pool with the glass floor, and of course, we do not know the price for this boat.

7. Elandess (Abeking)

This is a prestige Art Deco theme yachtand has two double cabins, cocktail bar, and windows from floor to ceiling. Price for this boat in 2016 was €52 million.

6. Flying Dagger (Rossinavi)

The magnificent yacht that can reach a speed of 31 knots and a cruise speed of 24 knots. Price for this beauty in 2017 is €11.3 million.

5. Illusion Plus (Pride Mega Yachts)

Chinese debutant at the Monaco Yacht Show is 88.5 meters long, and it is representing the largest yacht ever built in Asia. The yacht has Rolls-Royce diesel-electric propulsion engines and costs $145 million.

4. Irisha (Hessen Yachts)

The Irisha is an exclusive entertainment boat with theater room, beach club, sun lounge, and owner study. The price is not available for this beauty.

3. Solo (Tankoa Yachts)

This boat even has a Turkish Bath inside and won a trophy in 2018 in category “Most Efficient Yacht“ at the World Yacht Trophies 2018.

2. Sybaris (Perenni Navi)

The price for this ship is from €50 million to €100 million, and this stunning boat is the winner of the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show Super Yacht Awards Ceremony. It is in the sixth place of the world`s largest private yachts.

1. Vijonara (Pendennis)

Vijonara has 4 crew members and can accommodate 6 guests in 42 meters. Hermes did the whole upholstery for this ship, and the price is not available.

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