4 yacht myths that everyone believed were true

There are people that know a lot about yachts and there are those that know only that yachts are big expensive boats. Anyone that knows a bit more about them knows that a 30-meter yacht valued at $4,8 billion is just ridiculous. Here are some press releases that people believed were true.

4. History Supreme


Stuart Hughes, a UK-based designer, claimed he is going to make the world’s most expensive yacht, the 100ft History Supreme. He said that the yacht was bought by a Malaysian businessman for $4,8 billion. He also claimed that they are going to use 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum for this project. If that wasn’t enough he also said that the railings and anchor are going to be made of precious metals.

Everyone was excited about this yacht and believed it was true. However, the excitement was not long, because Italy-based, Baia Yachts stated that the story was fake and that Hughes stole the pictures from their website and claimed it as his own concept.

3. The Streets of Monaco


A concept “superyacht” was created by UK-based, Yacht Island Design. It was called Streets of Monaco and it was going to be 155-meter long. Everyone knew it was just a concept, but the public was confused when media reported that the “superyacht” was actually in construction. Rudders & Moorings Yacht Sales went a step further and listed the yacht for sale on YachtWorld. They tried to find a buyer for this concept and they claimed it will be built by 2017, by a Turkey-based Ned Ship.

2. Triple Deuce


Back in 2014, 4Yacht announced that they have a project of a 222m yacht, Triple Deuce. They claimed that the project will be finished in 2018, but the designer was never announced.
Till this days there is no evidence about this project, and there is no shipyard that is currently working on a project this large. We can all agree that Triple Deuce was just a publicity stunt.

1. 405ft Gigayacht sold on eBay


The story about Triple Deuce was not the first time 4Yacht made a publicity stunt. In 2005, they stated that they listed a 405ft “Gigayacht” for sale on eBay. The yacht was supposedly designed by Frank Mulder.

In 2006, they stated that the yacht was sold on eBay via “Buy Now” button. It was sold for $85 million for a 50% deposit, which means that the total price for the yacht was $170 million. We don’t know what kind of millionaire buy a yacht on eBay.
Forbes tried to investigate this sale and found out that the yacht was re-listed on eBay. Many years later, there is no evidence of this “gigayacht”.

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