Andy Waugh Yacht Concept Acionna

Andy Waugh, a British yacht designer, has unveiled his latest concept, the amazing, breath-taking, extravagant 175-meter long Acionna. You don’t have to be expert to conclude that this super yacht is absolutely unique.

Not only does it look magnificent, but it is quite spacious, as well, as the interior space could fit a full size squash court, helicopter hanger, and a 20m indoor pool! So whatever features you could possibly remember, you could include them here. The yacht includes eight decks. There is a double-height main salon with the view to the main aft deck pool. Also, you can enjoy in the lounge and dining areas, or choose one of the two bars it includes. The bars are surrounded by the pool and you can access either of them via a tunnel aft and a bridge forward.

Given that it is designed for long distance cruising, Acionna uses power from a hydrogen propulsion system instead of battery powered electric systems, since this traditional system would require frequent recharging. If the hydrogen needed was to be manufactured from a renewable source of energy, Acionna could be considered ‘zero-impact.’ However, this kind of technology is still not that common, as it is still being developed, and there are only a couple of marine hydrogen facilities in the planning stage.

According to the designer himself, “Acionna is the ultimate world cruising mega yacht and challenges many of the preconceptions about larger yachts. Her avant-garde styling is a feast-for-the-eyes from every angle, exaggerated by her elegant proportions and sheer scale.”

“The concept is for those who see themselves as trendsetters and game changers, those who appreciate the zenith of luxury but also want to have a positive impact,” Waugh concluded.

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