Celebrate Your Wedding on a Private Luxury Yacht Charter

Have you envisioned your wedding on a luxury yacht, saying ‘I do’ while cruising the Mediterranean? Nowadays, it is possible to rent a private luxury yacht either for a big reception party or a small intimate ceremony. You can get married on a luxury yacht charter and have a unique and memorable wedding. Here is everything you need to know before deciding to celebrate your wedding on a yacht.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Married on a Luxury Yacht Charter?


There are many luxury charter yachts available nowadays for wedding receptions. Each one of these yachts is built with high-quality fittings and features a superb cuisine and full-service crew. You can leave the on board organization to them. If you decide to host a wedding on a yacht, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits.

So, you have your own tailored wedding menus which will meet your exact taste and preference. Moreover, you get a complete yacht venue for your important day, as well as, adaptability for guest numbers. Celebrate your wedding on a luxury yacht and be flexible with location, get impeccable service from the yacht crew, enjoy a pre or post-wedding accommodation on board, and reap the benefits of a luxurious wedding venue.

Things to Know for Planning Your Wedding on a Yacht


When planning a yacht wedding, you should follow three crucial steps. So, you have to check what constitutes a legal marriage in your country of residence. Then, determine what are the legalities of marriage in the country where you will charter the yacht, which is very important if you and your partner are non-residents. So, you will have to prepare the necessary paperwork, time frames, and procedures on time. Finally, you have to make sure you meet all the legal requirements and have all the necessary paperwork for your wedding.

Contact a Yacht Charter Broker


Pick a charter yacht which meets all your needs and requirements. Then, it’s essential to contact a yacht charter broker, who will help you with everything. Yacht charter brokers have extensive knowledge about yachts, as well as, availability of a certain yacht and crew insights. Always pick a yacht charter which is as enthusiastic about your big day as you are. Only then you know that they will do their best to make your wedding a memorable occasion. Don’t forget to ask your yacht charter broker about taxes, cancellation policies, fuel, and yacht delivery fees.

Celebrating your wedding on a luxury yacht is a very unique experience. You will get a sense of adventure on your big day and your guests will talk about your wedding for years. The luxury yacht charter is a perfect wedding venue, but you can also choose to get married and then sail or cruise off with your guests to celebrate your big day. Hence, enjoy wedding planning as much as the actual wedding. Choose a yacht which suits all your needs and enjoys your dream wedding.

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