Lexus is presenting it’s first ever luxury yacht

It’s not new that luxury car brands are introducing luxury yacht designs. Aston Martin did it, Mercedes-Benz did it, Bugatti did it, and now Lexus did it. Lexus is entering the high-end boat business with a 65-foot luxury yacht LY 650.

This yacht is designed in a typical Lexus style and is manufactured by Marquis-Larson Boat Group. It has an 18.8-foot beam and 1,800 standard horsepower. The features include a strong, pronounced bow, curved deck accents, and accentuated aft hips.

This concept got a reward “Boat of the Year” on an international boat fair in Japan. There are just a few details about this luxury boat, and we know that it will have three staterooms with private baths, quarters for the crew and the main deck surrounded by windows. The yacht will have enough room for 6 people, plus the crew. It will be powered by two 12.8 liter inline-6 IPS diesel engines, each offering 900 horsepower.

There is no info about the price of the yacht, but the company is accepting orders now. Lexus scheduled the LY 650 to go on sale in the U.S. in 2019.

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