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Mia Kai is a stunning luxury motor yacht. It is 30 meters or 97 feet long, and it is available for private cruises and charters mostly around the Phuket region of Thailand. The yacht was first made in 2007 by BIlgin Yachts, and it was redesigned and updated in 2015. Both the interior and the exterior were designed by Mer & Design Philippe Subrero.

This is an elegantly styled vessel that gives a maximum of 8 guests the opportunity and comfort of a lifetime. Except the 8 guests, it holds 6 members of experienced and professional captain and crew. All of them fit inside a total of 4 cabins.

The guests who rent the services of the boat are able to take advantage of the amazing selection of exterior deck spaces. They are made for the good times and utmost comfort, as you lie back and soak up the sun and the scenery in the breathtaking parts of the world.

The Mia Kai luxury motor yacht features a charming sundeck where the guests can enjoy their food and drinks. There is also a wet bar present on this deck, as well as a Jacuzzi pool.

The front areas are filled with sun pads, while the foredeck offers a larger spread of space for the guests who want to stretch out and make the most out of hot and pleasant weather while floating on the waves.

This is of course not all. There is also an alfresco dining setup present on the main deck where the guests can enjoy mouthwatering meals prepared by the crew of an experienced, five-star chef, and his staff. Each tasty meal is enhanced further thanks to your surroundings, comfort, and luxury.

When you come inside the yacht, you will be met with tasteful finishes that reflect a sophisticated theme, present throughout the interior.

The main salon on the vessel has leather sofas that are arranged around a marble coffee table. There is a sleek bar and a relaxed dining area in front, while the wide windows allow the scenery outside to still be a part of the experience, even though you stepped inside. A large television screen makes this part of the yacht the perfect setting for movie nights at the open sea.

The cruising speed of the yacht is 12 knots, achieved by two MAN engines, each with an output of 1549 horsepower. The yacht weighs 140 tons, and its beam and draft are 6.5 and 1.8 meters, respectively.

Regarding the toys you get as a part of the price you pay, you get a BRIG E380 with a 50 horsepower Yamaha engine, as well as a three people Yamaha WaveRunner, a Yamaha Superjet Jet Ski, water skies, a wakeboard and a paddleboard, 2 three people inflatable kayaks, many inflatable water toys, an inflatable dock, snorkeling and diving gear, fishing equipment, and safety gear. With all of these additional vehicles and toys, your vacation on this yacht will be that much more memorable.

As we said, this yacht is currently available for charters in Thailand, one of the most unique places with an unreal heady mix of culture, flavors and scenery. Most of these yacht vacations start Phuket, which is also famous as the ‘Pearl of Thailand’. This region is rich in powdery sand beaches, tiny islands, and many towns that are a testament to the culture and history of this part of Southeast Asia. A popular activity with this yacht is a trip to the Phi Phi islands, where the guests can snorkel in the crystal clear water and walk around the untouched sandy beaches.

When it comes to the cost of this pleasure, the prices start from $52000 per one week, plus additional expenses.

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