Moonflower Yacht – New 70 meters Project of Nauta Yachts

Owner`s accommodation

The upper deck on the Moonflower is reserved for the owner with the access to the helipad. Owner`s master suite will have 87 square meter and large glass windows. This superyacht will include elevator, lift and circular staircase.

What`s run this yacht?

Moonflower will have two electric motors (1500kW @1800rpm) and she can run at top speed of 16 knots. Also, this luxurious beauty can be powered with five diesel generators.

They said about Moonflower

“Innovative design, lots of open-air space, close contact with the water, light-filled and airy interiors, flexible layout and furniture solutions… these were the ‘must have’ features requested by the owner that drove the exterior styling, general arrangement and interior design,” said Mario Pedol, Nauta Yachts co-founder, when he was asked to describe the Moonflower.

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