World’s biggest cruise ships

Cruise ships are considered to be true floating cities today, since they are very well equipped to be able to transport millions of tourists from one port to another, and at the same time providing sightseeing of the world’s most beautiful destinations during the ride.

These giants of the sea, as some may call them, are growing with each year, when in some cases they are big enough to contain proper residential neighborhoods, while providing all comforts.

You probably wonder the size of the biggest cruise ships and we made a list of 10 biggest in the world so far. Let the countdown begin!

10. Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway is ranking 10th on this list. Cruise Critic chosen this cruise ship for “Best new cruise ship”, and it can take you to the Caribbean or to the tropics.

This ship has the quarter-mile oceanfront promenade with seaside restaurants, bars and amazing panoramic views. It also has 25 restaurants total, including 3 new venues of fish and seafood. One of the best things is that it can make you feel like you are at Broadway while cruising, since it has 3 shows from Broadway which are Rock of Ages, Burn the Floor and Cirque Dreams & Dinner Jungle Fantasy.

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