World’s biggest cruise ships

1. Symphony of the Seas

If Harmony of the Seas seemed like perfection to you, look who we got ranked as number 1. It is Symphony of the Seas and let us explain you why and how it left Harmony behind.
Symphony has 18 decks, capacity for 6,780 passengers and 2,100 members of the crew, which all together make it the biggest cruise ship in the world.

Symphony was presented for the summer season 2018, by the Royal Caribbean. This year, it sailed the Mediterranean, including the Port of Civitavecchia, and it has all of the famous attractions of class Quantum, like the Zip Lane, mini golf, surf-simulator, Flow Rider, the Rock Climbing walls and many more.
This cruise ship has the largest slide on the stern ever made aboard a cruise ship, and it is called Ultimate Abyss. Emotions and unforgettable chills are what it will give you.

Another thing that currently the biggest ever built on a board, on Symphony, is a vessel. It has the Vitality spa, which is one of the wellness areas on the ship. But that is not all! Voom technology, the fastest internet connection available in the sea, will be the one to thank to when posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram.
Just like 2nd ranked, Symphony deserves article just for itself.

Next year we will see if the classification remains the same, or if Royal Caribbean has something new and better to offer.

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