World’s biggest cruise ships

2. Harmony of the Seas

2nd position goes to Harmony of the Seas and not because it is longer or heavier comparing to the twins, but because it has a bigger capacity of the passengers with number of 5,479 people. And just until recently it was on the 1st position.

It was built in 2016, and it has attractions never seen before, such as 7 neighborhoods on board, 3 multi-level slides, 25 different restaurants and bars, and the biggest Spa on a board of a cruise ship.
What is more fascinating, it has a real park called the Central Park, with 10,587 plants. And if that didn’t amaze you, let us tell you more: it has 11,252 artworks and the Bionic Bar, the first bar served entirely by barman-robots. This cruise ship deserves article just for itself.

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