New Top Cosmos Project- 80-meter superyacht by Heesen

The newest Heesen Yachts project is Cosmos- 80-meter superyacht with the top speed of 29 knots. Cosmos will be the largest and fastest superyacht with new technologies in the Dutch shipyard.

The main goal was to combine and mix new methods of speed, length with lots of aluminum to build the boat 80-meter size without adding more weight. The structure must be the top model of the speed and strength with the beautiful appeal like at the sports car.

Heesen Yachts are the world`s leader in enormous aluminum yachts, who developed a fresh new patent called ‘The Backbone’.`The Backbone looks like anI girder. In the field of the design,this means faster, stronger and much better boat.

The Fast Displacement Hull Form will be fitted with four MTU engines, which will run two controllable pitch propellers. These propellers must handle a 19,000 horsepower. These type of engine construction can relieve the brilliant speed of 29 knots.

The whole appearance is the creation of the collaboration of the British studio Winch Design for exterior and Sinot for interior design. Sinot is the famous studio that was chosen to design the luxury interiors for Galactica Super Nova.

When we are talking about the exterior, Winch Design stick to recognizable and unique Heesen`s style and just add sleek and contemporary lines for optimization.

This superyacht includes a magnificent Sun Deck 270 square meter long, the landing area for helicopter and outdoor cinema. On this yacht, you can enjoy at the seven-meter pool with a glass bottom and drink cocktails at the spectacular beach club.You can watch beautiful sunsets in the open concept bar.

For the interior design Sinot, the famous Dutch studio made stunning interior inspired by elements from nature. This interior includes a final touch of natural mathematics, such as the Fibonacci sequence. Clean aesthetic is achieved with glass and natural light.The materials used in the building the interior are onyx, crystal glass, wood, silk, leather, and stainlesssteel. On the ceilings glass, on the floor wood, and on the walls leather and steel.

The interior includes a beautiful spiral staircase and glass elevator and a large lobby on the lead deck.
Cosmos have four guest suites on the lower deck, and VIP suite on the bridge deck, and in total can accommodate 12 guests.For the nineteen crew members there areeleven cabins.

This beauty was introduced to the public in the Salle Eiffel of Hotel Hermitage, Monte-Carlo, at the press conference and interest for this yacht was huge.

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