Presenting Rule-Breaking Trimaran Yacht That Is On Sale For $12 Million

The 140-foot superyacht Adastra had been circling the globe, from St. Barts to Bali, for over seven years, and now is up for sale.

In 2012, this amazing superyacht was custom built for Hong Kong-based shipping mogul Antony Marden. It was made for cruising Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Marden talked about how amazing his ocean-crossing yacht was, saying: „She’s been the most remarkable boat. Her seaworthiness is quite amazing. We’ve weathered 50-knot winds crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. She just takes everything in her stride. She’s also extremely economical.

Cruising at 10 knots, we burn just 4.5 gallons an hour. That gives us a range of around 10,000 nautical miles. We recently did St. Maarten to Vigo in Spain and had enough fuel left to head back to the Caribbean.“

McConaghy Boats built Adastra in China paying the most attention to strength and weight reduction. The superyacht was designed by Shuttleworth Design. Its motor is 1,150 hp Caterpillar C18 straight-six turbo diesel, and the backup motor is a pair of 110 hp Yanmar diesel engines. Thanks to those, Adastra develops a speed of 17 knots, while top speed goes up to 23 knots.

The whole interior was designed by Jepsen Design, and the yacht can accommodate nine guests and six crew members.

The design of the main saloon is all in curves, including a curved ceiling, curvy furniture, and curved windows. It gives you a wavy feeling of the whole space.

Between the saloon and the aft deck, there is a raised pilothouse.
Marden also talked about the reaction his trimaran gets in port, saying: „She’s a total head-turner. She’s pretty much the only boat anyone looks at. Everyone stops and takes a photo.“

Because of all this, one might wonder why Marden wants to sell it then. He explained that he doesn’t want to go on a global cruising anymore, and wants a new owner to take over.

„After seven years, we’ve pretty much cruised to all the places we want to cruise. Now she’s just not getting enough use. We have another yacht at home, so it’s time to sell,“ Marden explains.

On 25th and 26th July, Adastra will be in Fort Lauderdale’s Seahaven Marina for a showing to prospective buyers. If you want to become the owner of a one-of-a-kind trimaran, make sure to be there on time.

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