Roman Abramovich yacht Eclipse is worth one billion pounds

If you didn’t know Roman Abramovich is the owner of Chelsea football club. But despite that Roman hadn’t visited Britain, because the government of this country delayed the renewal of his visa. This Russian oligarch has a lot of valuable possessions in Britain, including two houses at Lowndes square, that are worth more than 150 million pounds.

But his most luxurious possession is his super yacht Eclipse. Abramovich spent more than 350 million pounds on this luxurious super yacht, but many are saying that he spent a lot more. Some say he spent around 1 billion for this super yacht, because of all the luxury and security accessories.

When he bought the yacht in 2010, it was the most valuable yacht in the world. But Abramovich upgraded it a lot, and he spent around one billion pounds for everything.

This luxury motor yacht was built by Blohm+Voss company from Hamburg, Germany. It was finished after nearly 5 years of designing, developing and testing. The length of the yacht is 162 meters and it’s the world’s second largest private yacht. Its reservoirs can hold up to million liters of fuel and that means Eclipse can travel up to 6.000 miles before it stops and needs a refill.

Eclipse has nine decks, two helicopter pads, and a garage. Helicopter pad that is located on the front side of the yacht has enough space for Eurocopter EC155 and it also has a hangar below it, for the helicopter to be safely stored.

The yacht also has two swimming pools, several hot tubs, and a sunbathing area. One of the pools can be transformed into a dancing area because the floor of the pool can be lifted up and down. That means that the depth of the pool can be also regulated. The super yacht is also equipped with three launch boats and a mini-submarine that is capable of submerging to 50 meters.

The main saloon has a fireplace and a massive sculpture originally from Indonesia. The master apartment is armored and the whole Eclipse yacht has windows that are bulletproof. Even many say that this kind of technology doesn’t exist, it is said that Eclipse has an anti-paparazzi system, a laser which can detect the electronic light sensors that digital cameras use. It is said that the camera is targeted with a beam of bright light that overexposes the photo, so that means nobody can take paparazzi shots of Romans yacht. One more thing is the missile detection system, which means that this yacht is the safest on the planet private yacht on the planet.

Of course, there is an enormous gym on the yacht, a spa with a beauty salon, sauna and a massage room. The yacht has 24 guest cabins and it can accommodate 32 guests. And almost 70 crew members are needed to operate the yacht and serve all the guests. Every guest cabin has its own private movie theatre screen, Jacuzzi, spa and special security systems.

The Eclipse was designed by Terence Disdale, and he is also responsible for the interior design of this super yacht. There is not much information about the interior of the yacht, but allegedly the walls are made from black wood with silver details.

The yacht itself is very expensive, but it’s also very expensive for maintenance. Some say that the maintaining expenses are around 40 million pounds for a year.


Except for this yacht, Roman Abramovich also has three villas in France, a castle never the less, four residences in Russia, three in the US, a hotel in an exclusive area in Tel Aviv, and a luxurious resort on a Caribbean Island St Barts, which is worth $56 million.

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