Ida Pfeiffer – This ice-class yacht is perfect for a chilly adventure

If cruising the Arctic is your idea of a holiday, but you also enjoy the private five-star life, the Ida Pfeiffer is the right yacht for you. Globe Regal Yachting collaborated with Gill Schmid Designs and Dörries Yachts to make the 1,500-tonne (1,653-ton) diesel-electric luxury cruiser.It can carry 14 guests and 15 crewmembers and sail into some of the coldest waters on our planet. It is equipped with an armada of tenders, sailboats, rescue boats, a helicopter and a Triton submarine. It has it all!

Back in the day, navigating through the polar waters and ice of Arctic or Antarctic was extremely dangerous, although adventurous. Those (un)lucky people used specially hardened vessels and risked being trapped in thick ice, or even become stranded while the hulls of their ships are crushed. Still, both regions are as dangerous places as ever, but modern engineering and better knowledge of extreme ice conditions combined adventure tourism and private luxury cruising in these areas, once only visited by the bravest or the most foolish of adventurers.

With 70m (230 ft.) long, the planned Ida Pfeifferm named after a 19th century Austrian travel writer, will have a range of 7,000 mi, or 11,200 km. Althoughthe yacht is to have a beam of 12.75m (41.83 ft.), she will only draw 3.75 m (12.3 ft.), operating in rather shallow waters. The hull steel-made, equipped with a blunt bow for better handling ice, while the aluminum superstructure also sports a helipad that has a telescoping hangar, protecting the chopperduring extreme weather. The speed is not yet know.

Regarding the interior, the Ida Pfeiffer is set to have seven guest cabins, an owner’s suite, a captain’s suite, several lounges, crew quarters, an upper deck Jacuzzi, enough room for potential auxiliary vehicles like the Triton submarine and two cars. These all fit into a side-launching garage with an A-frame crane.

With all of these features, it should not surprise anyone thatthe luxurious Ida Pfeiffer falls into the upper-most category of yachts. If you have to ask about the still unknown price, you probably do not have enough.

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