Take a Look Into the Biggest Yacht Disasters

Accidents are inevitable in life, the same goes with expensive yacht and boat, sometimes it just happens and you can’t do anything to stop them. Mother Nature has no mercy and you never know when a storm is coming, also one moment of not being concentrated is enough to hit a rock or cause a fire. Here are the 5 of the scariest yacht accidents in the recent years.

5. Elsa yacht runs ashore at the coast of the Caribbean


Back in March of 2018 the yacht Elsa that is 48 meters long ran ashore in the Caribbean island of Saba. This yacht is from the year 2004 and it is a classic that Scheepswerf Peter Sijperda built in Holland. Powered by 2 Cummins diesel engines that are each of 600 hp and its top speed is at 13 knots. The yacht was unfortunately not able to be fixed after this accident and it ended up getting scrapped after the attempt to refloat it.

4. The yacht Calamba runs ashore in Sardinia


This accident thankfully didn’t cause injuries to any of the 4 people aboard. It happened a few weeks ago when a 26 meter Riva Opera 85 named Calmaba, that belong to an Italian owner ran ashore on the coast of the Island of Sardegna. It crashed on the rocks of Cala Sabina.

3. A fire on the shore of Antibes



The 39m boat that was made in 1974 named If Only went ablaze outside of Nice. It was a few nautical miles away from the coast when the fire happened and the firefighters had to move it a few more so that it would not mess with the air traffic from the airport that was near by. They managed to put out the fire but the boat unfortunately sank in the end and it wasn’t able to be saved. The owner was Diana Bracco, an Italian tycoon.

2. Winds cause Paradise to sink near Mallorca


Paradise, a 34m yacht went under water in the marina of Port D’Andtratx in March of last year. The winds hit hard in Mallorca and a force 9 storm sank the yacht while destroying the GRP hull at the same time. It only took a few hours for the whole thing to sink.

1. Another fire destroys a yacht in the Caribbean


The yacht Limitless was burned down close to the shores of the British Virgin Islands last year in March. Luckily nobody was injured as all of the people on board managed to get away safely. The yacht is from the year 2005 that had been redone in 2014.

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