The Most Amazing Superyachts’ Bonus Rooms

Superyachts’ unprecedented lifestyle elements are out of this world. Many luxury features are included to make your stay as amazing as possible. We made a list of 10 superyachts’ bonus rooms that will take your breath away.

10. Aviva’s Padel Tennis Court

Aviva takes playing tennis on a whole new level. The Abeking And Rasmussen yacht have a 20 meters long and 10 meters wide tennis court on board. This 98.4-meter yacht was launched in 2017 and won a Boat International Design and Innovation Award. Reymond Langton Design studio styled the yacht inside and out.

9. Savannah’s Semi-submerged Viewing Lounge

The world-first a semi-submerged viewing lounge is featured on Savannah. CEO Henk De Vries told Boat International: „With the central powertrain, there is room at either side [of the hull] where shafts might have been. This led to the idea of a floor below the waterline, a room at the side half submerged because the fun is in seeing both above and into the water at the same time.“ Nemo lounge is located near the pool deck and the swim platform. Feadship’s marketing manager, Francis Vermeer explained: „This gives them the confidence that we are building a safe solution. The challenging part was to get a good, clear view and to fit the glass nicely in the hull.“

8. Escape’s Cigar Lounge

The 47-meter flagship yacht Escape features unique relaxation space, which has a pair of leather armchairs, a large flatscreen television, and of course, an octagonal table for storing the owner’s humidors and cigar cutters.

7. Mystere Shadow’s Nightclub

Mystere Shadow is a superyacht support vessel that can carry submarines, cars, helicopters, and motorcycles. Once Pastrovich Studio redesigned the yacht, it got a pool, spa area, and a disco. This nightclub has laser lights, smoke machine, and a disco ball.

6. Billy Joel’s Motorcycle Garage On Audacious

Billy Joel owns five yachts and is a motorcycle collector. The pop music legend had his Inace 95 Audacious re-built to transform the forward lower deck into a garage for his motorcycles.

5. Mahjong’s Rooms


China wanted to increase its superyacht buyers, so they requested more bonus rooms. Mahjong’s bonus room has been seen on smaller yachts, like the ones in the Azimut Yachts range.

4. Vertigo’s Classroom

The owners of Vertigo wanted to make sure that children don’t have to wait until they’re grown up to travel on yachts, so they put a classroom and a tutor to the children could keep up with studies while sailing. The classroom features a SMART board.

3. Northern Star’s Plush Cinema

Northern Star features everyone’s favorite bonus room, a huge and comfortable cinema. This Lurssen yacht is currently for sale, so the bonus room keeps it more wanted.

2. Diamonds Are Forever’s Beauty Salon

Benetti’s ultra-luxurious yacht Diamonds Are Forever apart from gym and sauna, features a beauty salon. You can do all kinds of body treatments there and also has a massage table.

1. Cheers 46’s Main-Deck Gym

Benetti’s 42-meter superyacht has one of the most amazing gyms which is located on the forward main deck. For Cheers 46’s size, it is not expected to locate the gym there, but it does make it a great bonus room.

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