Top 15 Superyacht Pools

Yachts these days compete with modern gadgets. Glamour, modernity, and wealth must be best observed, in order for a yacht to be in the run for the most extravagant superyacht. One of the things that went one step further when it comes to providing onboard relaxation is superyacht swimming pools. We made a list of 15 best made so far. Take a look.

1. Elandess


In 2018 Abeking And Rasmussen hired Harrison Eidsgaard to do the interior design of Elandess, the 74.5-meter long superyacht. At the Boat International Desing And Innovation Awards 2019, Elandess won four gongs. Its pool uses waste heat recovery to warm up 22 tonnes of fresh water. The sundeck pool is eight meters long.

2. Here Comes The Sun


This superyacht was built in 2017 by Amels, and it is the first of Amels Limited Editions 272 yachts. The 83-metre long superyacht has a swimming pool on the main deck. The pool is long and shallow, and at the end of it, there is a swim-up superyacht bar.

3. Seven Sins


In 2017 Sanlorenzo delivered its largest yacht and named it Seven Sins. Officina Italiana Design styled the yacht inside and out. It has a glass bottom and glass panels pool, which create an amazing effect in the superyacht beach club below.

4. Kismet


95 metre long Kismet was delivered by Lurssen. It has a swimming pool and a spa on the top deck, and they use a generator heat-recovery system to keep the perfect temperature of the water. Kismet has two more pools, including a plunge pool for a refreshing dip after hammam.



74 metre long yacht named Clous 9 was delivered by CRN. Its deep pool contains 10,000 litres of water, and it is located on the main deck. It is projecting wave patterns into the beach club below it. British studio Winch Desing styled the pool.

6. Plvs Vltra


Amels Limited Editions 242 yacht is 74 metre long and is named Plvs Vltra. It has large swimming pool on board with the adjacent sunloungers and bar area.

7. Savannah


A real focus on fine details was the main goal of collaboration between Feadship and CG Desing when creating Savannah. The results of that are pretty obvious, especially when you see its swimming pool. The pool’s bottom has an intricate mosaic pattern. On each side of the pool, there are sun pads and a massive C-shaped wrap of seating.

8. Suerte


Suerte is a 69-metre long superyacht by Tankoa. Its impressive aft deck swimming pool holds 8,000 liters of water and has a swim-up cocktail bar. The pool’s base has a glass panel in it.

9. Okto


ISA made a sublimely silent superyacht Okto that is 66 meters long. Its swimming pool’s measures are 6.5 by 4.5 meters. Aft-deck located pool can change colour and has a large pane of glass above the nameplate.

10. Galactica Super Nova


In 2016 Galactica Super Nova was delivered by Heesen Yachts and is 70 meters long. Its large jet stream infinity pool has a waterfall. This doesn’t just give you an amazing view, but also creates an opaque screen which can be used as a projector for watching films.

11. Moon Sand


Feadship’s superyacht Moon Sand has one of the most impressive swimming pools. The pool is six meters long and two meters wide. It has a contraflow system and contains 9,000 liters of water. What is the most amazing about this pool is its adjustable floor, which can be raised or lowered, so it can be used by both children and adults? Another interesting thing about it is that it can become invisible by covering it with the teak flood, so it is not necessary for it to be constantly emptied and re-filled.

12. Serenity


The 40 meters long Serenity was delivered by Mondomarine. It has a swimming pool on the aft of the sun deck. When in the pool, you have amazing views out to sea above and below the surface. The adjacent sun pad cushios match nicely with Bisazza blue tiles.

13. Quite Essential


Quite Essential, previously known as Quinta Essentia, was delivered by Heesen and is 55 metre long. Its spa pool has a waterfall, which gives you added privacy on the main deck.

14. Irimari


Irimari’s pool is located forward on the sun deck. This Sunrise’s luxury yacht has the glass wall that faces the bar on its pool. Everything is well-designed and guarantees amazing views.

15. Eclipse


Eclipse’s pool was designed by the Terence Disdale, and is 15 metre long. The pool can turn the area into a dance floor by lifting its bottom, or raise it to create a paddling pool.

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