World’s most expensive shopping trip

Royal Caribbean has come up with the package for shopaholics, and it costs £26,000 before even browsing the aisles in Gucci, Dior, Armani and Channel.

The company made a research, in which was found that Brits believe Dubai is going to be third global shopping destination by 2020, right after New York and London. Their managing director, Ben Bouldin said: “Shopping is still a favorite pastime of the British public and they are expecting big things from Dubai’s retail offering in the coming years. In true Royal Caribbean style, we’ve let our imaginations run wild and have created a playground for those who love to indulge in retail therapy in the destination famous for its offering, and what better place to do it than Dubai. The day will be such an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience, that guests really will need a pinch themselves to be reminded it isn’t a dream.”

The passengers will arrive in Dubai via First Class. They will have an accommodation in the Royal Suite of the Royal Caribbean International’s Jewel of the Seas cruise ship, and will be styled by image consultant, Rose Arbaji at Burj Khalifa. The package also includes a professional photo shoot on the golden sands outside sail-shaped hotel, The Burj Al Arab. There fun continues with a three-course gourmet meal before a three-and-a-half hour spa extravaganza at the nearby Rose Arbaji Centre. After settling on board of the Jewel of the Seas, shoppers will sail to Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and other.

This is what Rose Arbaji had to say about shopping package: “Dubai is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary shopping experiences. Guest indulging in this shore excursion will visit the city’s most extravagant locations, be guided through the Dubai Mall’s most premium brands and dine at the world’s most luxurious hotel. This truly is ultimate experience for shopaholics everywhere.”

In mentioned survey, there was found out that nearly a tenth of 2,000 Brits spend more than £2000 during single shopping spree and a third admitted it makes them happier. 30 per cent said that the price tag doesn’t come to a mind if they really want something. 32 per cent consider shopping opportunities when picking out where to go for a vacation. On in seven went to New York, Paris of Dubai to shop, and three in ten said it “doesn’t feel like they’re spending real money” when shopping abroad.

From December 2019 to March 2020, you will be able to purchase The Ultimate Shopaholic package.

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