10 boats that are faster than those of the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is an important part of the US security system. This large organization currently has about 40,000 members. Very interesting is that members have been driving speed boats since 2008, that can reach speeds from 45 to over 60 miles per hour. In this way, they represent a law at sea and prevent any violation of the law. But even these speed boats do not guarantee that offenders will always be caught. For this reason, we prepared a list of 10 boats that could escape the representatives of the law.

10. 4200 Siesta/67 MPH


4200 Siesta is marked as a fishing boat, but if you only look at the performance of this ship, you will realize that it is a very powerful machine. The maximum speed that can be developed by the four Yamaha engines is 65 miles per hour, which puts it back to back with the fastest ships of Coast Guard.

9. HSC Francisco/67 MPH


As well as the 4200 Siesta, and HSC Francisco has a top speed of 67 miles per hour. But what’s amazing with this catamaran is that there are even 59,000 horsepower! It also has an engine that can be found on Boeing 747 planes. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

8. Fountain 47 Lightning/115 MPH


Fountain 47 Lightning is pretty fast as lightning. The highest speed it can reach is a huge 115 miles per hour. Perhaps the only drawback on this speedboat is that only 6 passengers can ride. But his impressive speed compensates for this.

7. Outerlimits SV50/145 MPH


No, we are not talking about a series from the 1960s, but about another incredible speed boat. The Outerlimits SV50 has twin engines that produce 1350 horsepower. Besides its maximum speed it can reach, which is 145 miles per hour, we must mention it’s outlook, which is perfectly designed.

6. Nor-tech 5200 Roadster/150 MPH


As we go towards the end of our list, the speed of these boats grows. The Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster has a speed of 150 miles per hour. It can comfortably drive up to 10 passengers, which is great for people who like to boast their cool machines.

5. Skater 46 race/150 MPH


As well as the previous Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster, and the Skater 46 race has a top speed of 150 miles per hour. It should also be mentioned that it belongs to the group of the fastest boats in the world and to the luxury ships, as well.

4. The Spirit of Qatar/244 MPH


When you look at the Spirit of Qatar, you can say that there is a combination of beautiful design and incredibly high speed. The fastest speed you can get in this beast is an incredible 244 miles per hour thanks to twin turbines. Also, Spirit of Qatar is the fastest catamaran on the market today.

3. “Problem Child”/262 MPH


Child Problem” is impressive in every way and is not a “problem” at all. If you only pay attention to its maximum speed, which is otherwise blistering 262 miles per hour, you will realize that this is the highest speed that can be reached by today’s hyper cars. And the more interesting is that it can reach that speed in just 3.5 seconds.

2. Bluebird K7/276 MPH


Bluebird is more than just a boat. It is classified as hydroplane. Although he has a little bit retro outlook and is not so attractive, it doesn’t diminish the fact that this is one of the fastest ships on the market. The highest speed that this “bird” can reach is 276 miles per hour, which is up to several times more than some other boats on our list.

1. Spirit of Australia/318 MPH


For the end, the fastest boat in the world. Spirit of Australia is owned by Ken Warby. There is nothing else to say about this beast except that the top speed is 318 miles per hour and that the Coast Guard has no chance of reaching it.

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