8 Super Yachts’ Names

Owning a yacht has become a way of showing your status. However, its name also shows who you are and what are you striving to. We will list some of the most popular yacht names.

1. Spirit


The best known yacht of this name is the one that is 35 meters long. This luxurious yacht has the combination of blue and white exterior. However, it is also known that there are five more yachts that are longer that 24 meters and that bear the same name.

2. My Way


The largest yacht that is called My Way has almost 30 meters. It was a Sunseeker yacht that was made in 2010 by a British yard. Additionally, there are seven more super yachts that have the same name.

3. Escape


Maybe this name was chosen to mean one’s escape from real world into the open sea and horizon. The largest and the most luxurious one “hit the sea” in 2015 and it has a splendid interior done by CyrilleBieri. We can confirm that there are seven yacht with thus same name. But, it needs to be added that there aa lot of variations on this name, so that there are dozens of yacht that have a word “Escape” in their name.

4. Destiny


This one is a bit theatrical, but it’s used a lot. The largest one that has this name is a Heesen one that is 37.3 meters long. This one is in use from 2007 and is used as a charter and it can have up to 12 guests. As with previous two, there are seven other super yachts that have the same name.

5. Aurora


There are two super yachts that bear this name. One is Lurssen and is 74 meters long and the other one is Rossinavi and it 49.9 meters long. Apart from these, data show that there are additional seven known yachts that are longer than 24 meters and have the same name.

6. Andiamo


This name is maybe the most popular among Italian yacht owners and it means “come on”, “let’s go” etc. This is logical since Italy is surrounded by seas and it produces the most luxurious yachts in the world. But Italians not the only ones that use this name. It is interesting that there are more than 230 boats in the USA that are lnoger than 30ft and use this name. The largest one has 48 meters made in 2006 and there is also Benetti Classic 120 with 36 meters.

7. Serenity


As the name says, this means that the yachts provide owners peace and quiet when they’re at the see. The largest one is n IAG with 40.53 meters.

8. Freedom


This is surely the most popular name. There are 13 luxurious yachts named like this. The largest one is a Benetti one with 70meters.


These are just some of them, there are surely yacht with far more interesting and curious names since this is not the end of the list.

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