Irisha – The new beauty to enjoy on the open sea

Irisha yacht is the latest project of the renowned Dutch shipyard, Heesen Yachts. The new beauty is 51 meters long.

Inspiration and features

It’s an elegant ship designed by Harrison Eidsgard, both inside and outside. With an aluminum hull, this yacht has been inspired by the successful Heesen`s 5000-series line, with a maximum speed of 26.1 knots, and an impressive range of 3,000 nautical miles, when you move with a cruise speed of 11 knots.

Interior design

This yacht offers enough space for ten guests, although its elegant dining table is for 14 people. When we talk about guests, you need to know, that they have a sun deck 13 meters long for sunbathing, and desk chairs are separated from a seating area. There is a bar, which certainly contributes to the overall attraction of this ship.
In the interior, a neutral palette of beige, gray and blue tones will help travelers feel completely relaxed. All walls and surfaces are covered with beautifully textured materials that capture and reflect light to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Four different light settings are available for this yacht, giving you the opportunity to appreciate all of its architectural and design elements.

Dare to dream

Every room on this yacht is beautiful in its own way, and the fact that with one click on a button you can create a different ambiance makes them even more amazing. When it arrives and officially debuts, IRISHA yacht will be available for rent; so many people will have the opportunity to enjoy its charms. Dare to imagine that you are one of these men…

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