Top 6 Luxury Yacht Experiences To Rent In Summer 2019

Camper & Nicholsons company offers exclusive, luxury yacht experiences, which include exploring various islands, untouched waters and ports. They offer more than 200 most exciting yachts all around the world. Here is a list of top 6 places you should book this summer if you’re looking for a great adventure:

6. Discover Venice to Trogir

You will have a chance to explore the Adriatic sea and its beautiful islands, experience various cultures and untouched nature, sundry mix od scenery and destinations. There are two national parks you could visit along with numbers of UNESCO protected buildings. Places between Trogir and Venice show a fascinating contrast between the antique and modern world. You would have a chance to discover unique remains of Veliki Brijun and see many different plant and bird species in Brijuni, an interesting National Park. After visiting Croatian ports, you would be sightseeing Trogir, one of the most beautiful Romanesque-Gothic cities in Europe.

5. Experience the Balearics

The Balearic Islands are situated in Spain, in the Western Mediterranean. The Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca are vibrant, blissful places that are lying in sunshine whole summer. On this nine-day experience, enjoy the wild nightlife in Ibiza, then cruise the sea before you get to Isla Verde, a 1,300-foot tall island made of rocks. There’s a bay of Puerto Soller, and an amusing town in mountains in the ‘valley of oranges’. It’s famous for its church, Sant Bartomeu, which dates from the 16th century. You could spend the day playing various water sports, golf, enjoying your meal in exclusive restaurants and cafes. Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range presents glorious views. After that, sail to Menorca and enjoy swimming and diving in its clear blue waters, walking on sandy beaches of Cala Morell and Cala Algayarens. Finish your trip by going shopping in the Old Town of Palma.

4. Outdoor Adventure in Norway & Svalbard


If you are a wildlife lover, you would enjoy this 14-day epic adventure. Svalbard archipelago presents dramatic peaks and glaciers that are drowned in white snow, diverse icefields and scary icebergs. It is the northernmost inhabited place in the world. Explore wildernesses of Europe and the home of polar bears. Next cruise along the Finnmark coast and see fjords, Finnkjerkja – an incredible rock formation, the Svaerholdtklubben Bird Colony. If you want to take a kayak and visit hundreds of Troms County islands, where there is no pollution. Go fishing and hiking, and enjoy the wildlife of Sea Eagles, Otters, Ptarmigan, Harbor Porpoises…

3. Outback adventure in New Zealand

New Zealand is an attractive place for sports, diverse mountain landscapes, fjords, rainforests, relaxing geothermal pools, and glaciers. This country offers something interesting for everyone. During this seven day experience, you could visit Auckland and look into the Polynesian influence, observe this magnificent city from the Sky Tower, before visiting the Tamaki Strait and Wiheke Island. Visit the ‘Donut Island’, better known as the Whenuakura Wildlife Sanctuary. Experience friendly dolphins in Tryphena. Visit Poor Knights Islands, an 11 million years old island with volcanos, walls, arches, tunnels, and caves. New Zealand is a perfect spot for water sports and fishing.

2. Asia & Oceania

A chance to visit four main islands in this archipelago – Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, Misool is an unforgettable experience. On this 11-day trip, you could go diving in some of the most beautiful places in Asia. The first couple of days are spent exploring sea fans and corals in Missol. After that, you would be enjoying Raj Ampat and its diving areas. There’s a great chance you will see a shark in Mioskon. 374 fish species are found in Cape Kri, a perfect place for diving. At Otdima Reef you would be able to observe coral heads and seamounts, maybe even encounter with Giant manta rays.

1. Explore Alaska

Enjoy Alaskan wilderness by joining this seven-day adventure on a yacht in Juneau. Ride to Mount Roberts to see beautiful landmarks of the city, then enjoy a helicopter flight to the Glacier of Mendenhall. See the seals and sections of ice falling into the fjord. See humpback whales in Holkham Bay. Get a close view of bears catching fish in Red Bluff Bay. This is also a chance to catch a shrimp and Dungeness crab for dinner. Relax and drink a glass of champagne in Baranof. Cruise through the Chatham Strait, visit Tenakee Springs and have a bite of their famous cinnamon rolls.

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