Top 6 Superyacht Spas

Superyachts offer you many different elegant and luxury features, including swimming pools, jacuzzis, and spas. We made a list of 6 best superyacht spas in case you were looking for the best way to relax and enjoy your stay.

6. Lady Britt’s Spa

Lady Britt has a beautiful spa onboard. It contains Finnish sauna which opens out on to the ocean. There is also a hairdressing salon and the well-equipped gymnasium. On the sun deck, there is located a huge spa pool.

5. Serene’s Spa

Next, to the sauna, Serene’s Snowy Spa has also a snow room, as you could guess from its name. The temperature in it is kept between -6˚C and 0˚C, and it even features powdery snow.

4. J’Ade’s Spa

J’Ade’s onboard spa has Turkish Bath. It relaxes both body and mind. Its design contains bright green mosaic tiles.

3. Moonraker’s Spa

Beautiful colors, peace, and luxury are all contained in Moonraker’s Experiential Spa. The Spa has programmable water jets in the shower. A true energy booster.

2. Solandge’s Spa

One of the top spas has a custom-made glass wall, hammam, massage room, and a beauty salon. The Solandge’s luxurious spa will definitely make you relaxed.

1. Sherakhan’s Spa

Sherakhan has an onboard mosaic-decorated spa. It features a Finnish sauna, a glass bottom spa pool, and a cold water tub.

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