What Is the Worth of Tiger Woods Yacht and His Net Worth

You’ve heard of this name for sure Tiger Woods, one of the most famous athletes in the world and the most famous golfer of all time. He became famous because of his successful golf career but also because of all the scandals he had. He lost a lot of his money after the scandal he had with many affairs and his divorce. But he still is a millionaire. Can you imagine what is his net worth, and what kind of yacht does he have?

And after Woods’s astonishing performance at the 2018 British Open, he could find himself back in the golf spotlight. Woods finished the tournament tied for 6th place but had the lead for long enough that many wondered if he could shock everyone and win. But for a while, he looked like the Tiger of old. Now that it looks like he may be back, the idea of him winning another major is suddenly a possibility.

Tiger Woods Net Worth


Despite many scandals and losing a lot of money, Tiger Woods net worth is still huge. It is estimated to be around $740 million, and his salary is estimated to be $50 million per year.

Tiger Woods Career


Tiger began his professional career back in 1996, and he became one of the highest paid athletes. He has 79 PGA Tour victories and 14 Majors. But Woods is also a businessman, he founded Tiger Woods Ventures, a foundation that focuses on science, engineering, and technology. The foundation recognizes a generation of under-served students that were challenged by limited access to educational resources.

Scandals and controversy

Tiger Woods seemed to have a perfect life and a perfect marriage, but that wasn’t the truth. He had affairs with up to 120 women and that drastically changed his career. Woods lost around $23 million worth of endorsements in 2010. He also lost a lot of sponsorships that he had from many companies, some of the companies that broke their contracts with Woods are General Motors, Gillette, and Gatorade. He also had to give his ex-wife Elin Nordegren $100 million, after the divorce settlement.

The scandals didn’t stop after his divorce, he had another scandal with his then-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic skier. Celebrity gossip site leaked nude photos of Woods and his girlfriend, and the golfer sued the gossip site because of it. The photos are removed, but Woods wobbly reputation has been damaged again.

Before that Tiger had a car crash in November of 2009 when he lost control of his SUV outside his Florida mansion. The crash knocked Woods unconscious for about six minutes, after that he was hospitalized where he was treated an released in good condition.


Who are the biggest contributors to Tiger Woods annual salary

Everyone knows that famous athletes earn the most from their sponsorships. Woods had collaborations with some of the most famous companies and brands out there, Nike, Gillette, General Motors, Gatorade, Monster Energy, Rolex and Hero MotoCorp.

Despite losing a lot of sponsorships, Woods is still working with around 10 companies, including Nike.

Tiger Woods Yacht


One of the Tigers most interesting property is his massive yacht named Privacy. He bought it in 2004 and spent $20 million for it.

The yacht is 155 feet long, it has three stories, including the main deck, a second level, and an observation deck. He used the yacht when he was playing in golf tournaments, like during the 2006 US Open and 2018 US Open.


This superyacht has five bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 people, plus it has four cabins for crew members that can accommodate a crew of nine. It has a Jacuzzi, a bar, a gym on board, and even an elevator. The yacht can carry a lot of water toys, like jet skis and kayaks, and there’s a decompression space for scuba diving. The interior is done with cherry wood and it looks very luxurious.


And what about the power? The engine is a 1,800-horsepower engine and it has the capacity to hold 12,000 gallons of fuel.

What are Woods other toys?

The beautiful yacht was not enough for Woods, so he also spent an estimated $54 million on a G5 private jet.

Tiger Woods House


Tiger bought a house in Jupiter, Fla., in 2010, and he spent on it another $54 million. He has a four-hole practice area for golf on the property and an excellent gym. He moved to this 9,700-square-foot mansion after his divorce in 2010. There is also a lap and diving pool, a tennis court and boating dock and boathouse. And one more interesting thing is the wine cellar.

Woods Taxes

Because he lives in Florida and has left California, where the taxes are high, he does not pay state income tax due. He agrees with his fellow golfer Phil Mickelson who was not pleased after the taxes increased in 2013. But despite not paying the state income tax, he still pays the federal tax bracket.

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