8 Most Luxurious Yachts – Abramovich, Armani, Johnny Depp

When it comes to comfort at sea, we all have to admit that some celebrities have taken it to another level with their super luxurious yachts that can take our breath away just look at them in a picture. Here are top eight opulent yachts owned by celebrities.

8. Tiger Woods – Privacy





This famous golf player owns a £20m, 155ft-long yacht which features a 2,000 gallon water tank, a gym, a lift, a sky-lounge bar, five guest rooms, a Jacuzzi, a walk-in refrigerator, a deck dining area, and two built-in wall safes.

7. Roman Abramovich – Eclipse



This magnificent yacht has been estimated to be the second largest one at 533 ft 2 in. It was built by German shipyard Blohm+ Voss and it cost $349 million. It has 24 guest cabins, two helipads, three launch boats, a mini submarine, and two pools. Being that large, the yacht requires as many as 70 crew members to keep it running.

6. Paul Allen – MV Tatoosh



Compared to the 416 foot Octopus, another superyacht the co-founder of Microsoft owns, Tatoosh is somewhat smaller at 303 ft. Nonetheless, it, of course, has everything you need to spend some time in the lap of luxury, including an owner’s cabin, 2 crew cabins, 9 guest staterooms, a cinema, a swimming pool with adjustable depth, and two helipads.

5. Johnny Depp/J.K. Rowling – Vajoliroja



While many still recognize it as Johnny Depp’s yacht, Vajoliroja now actually belongs to the famous author J. K. Rowling, who purchased it in 2016 for £22 million. There are five cabins, five more for crew, opulent saloons in bohemian style, as well as various forms of entertainment, including waterskis and kayaks. The yacht has been renamed to Arriva and, in fact, it is now up for sale.

4. Lord Alan Sugar – Lady A



Designed by Jon Bannenberg, this 181 ft superyacht is now available for £12.34 million. It has an owner’s cabin with jacuzzi, private shower, study and en suite, as well as six guest cabins. Of course, there’s more! It also boasts large sunbathing areas, a seated bar, jacuzzi, sun awnings, while the upgraded interior features walnut cabinetry and solid timber floors.

3. Giorgio Armani – Main



Most of the most beautiful yachts reflect the taste of their owners, and Main is no exception – it is as elegant and sophisticated as Giorgio Armani himself. This amazing 150 ft superyacht was built by Codecasea and delivered in 2008. The interior, designed by Giorgio Armani himself, is mostly minimalistic, with chic black and grey complementing the blonde birch wood floors and blinds. Imagine all that in dim light both inside and outside, which creates a perfect atmosphere for relaxing. Finally, there are master’s stateroom, six guest cabins, eight crew cabins, a sundeck, an indoor gym, a hot tub, and a cinema. Could you need anything else?

2. Andrey Melnichenko – Sailing Yacht A



Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko is one of the ten richest people in Russia, but it still seems that his 142-metre yacht is more famous than himself. What makes it so famous and widely recognized are the three composite carbon fibre masts. And no wonder given that these are considered the largest and most technologically advanced free-standing masts in the world. Designed by Philippe Starck and built by shipyard German Naval Yards in Kiel, Sailing Yacht A cost the Russian billionaire $400 million. It has 8 decks, can host 20 guests, and is large enough to require over 50 crew members. However, what still draws most attention is its huge 193-square-foot curved glass observation pod which allows you to enjoy undersea views.

1. Joe Lewis – Aviva




Built by German shipyard Abeking and Rasmussen and designed by Raymond Langton, Aviva belongs to Tottenham Hotspur shareholder Joe Lewis. This 323ft luxury motor mega yacht was built in 2017. It has 17.24 beam, and there is room for 12 guests in six cabins. It requires a crew of 35 members. And all of that is great, but what still makes it unique is that also has a full size tennis court. How amazing, isn’t it?

Well, we believe that you now agree that these really are among the most luxurious yachts today. And though we’re far away from all that comfort and extravagance, we hope you enjoyed finding out more about them.

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