What is the cost to Charter a Yacht?

A dream vacation on a private yacht- who does not desire that? It is exhilarating to plan for holidays, especially when choosing travel destinations. Then you have to decide on how to have fun to the fullest. And, enjoying your vacation on a private yacht is just on the whole another level of luxury.

There are varying types of yacht available now. Hence, to charter one of them is a challenge. Especially when you think and estimate the cost of one vessel. Every yacht comes with a wide range of base prices. If you finally decide to charter one, you got to consider many other variables like local taxes, fuel cost, food/drink expenses, etc. For instance, a small sailing yacht or catamarans can cost $10,000 per week, and luxurious motor superyachts up to $ 150,000+ per week.


A charter yacht costs are determined through a certain number of factors. Such as the type of yacht you are planning on, the charter destination, the charter period, and the base cost. Well, you can undoubtedly charter a yacht from an agency, the owner, or from any other services. But, do you know that you can even hire a yacht having a celebrity owner. If you manage to get one, then be ready to bear the extra cost that comes.

Nowadays, Thailand has become a favorite travel destination for many. This country has a lot to offer to its visitors, like beautiful islands and beaches, tourist resorts, etc. In the midst of that, Phuket is the yachting arena for water lovers. You can charter a yacht at varying prices for different islands.

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Cost to Charter a Yacht


The word yacht charter seems famous and luxurious. You may often wonder just how much does it cost for a charter yacht. Correct? Well, the cost of a Yacht Charter also varies as per the type of vessel.

  • Bareboat charter

You can get a Bareboat charter for around $5,000 a week.

  • Sailing Catamaran yacht charter

The least cost for staying in a luxury Catamaran (BVI) is around $2,500 per person a week, including access to an open bar and all meals. Charter for a 62’ Catamaran stands around $4,000 to $4,500 per person a week. The 105’ Catamaran Charter is about $9,000 per person a week.

  • Cabin charter

It is chartered around $1,200 per person per week.

  • Motor yachts

A 62’ Motor yacht (BVI) charters around $4,000 per person a week (all-inclusive).


  • Superyachts (90’ yacht or larger, luxury yachts)

Superyachts charter range is around $4,000 to $50,000 per person per week plus expenses.

Price structure of a yacht charter

Price charters are of two categories: all-inclusive and plus expenses.

  • All-inclusive Rates

This type of rate is usually for sailing yachts, catamarans, and some motor yachts. It includes all meals, snacks, cruising taxes, port fees, open standard bar, hire cost of the yacht and crew, fuels, and access to onboard watersport equipment. It is based on the number of guests.

  • Plus expenses

This type of rate is usually for a high-end sailing yacht, larger motor yachts, and superyachts. It includes the yacht’s insurance and the hire of the vessel as well as the crews. The operating expenses come under the Charterer’s head, including consumables, food, beverages, shoreside water, electricity, personal laundry, and port agent fees (if any).

Factors that Affect Yacht Charter Price


Prices of the charter yacht are set by their owners. That’s why there exist vast differences in the price range, even in similar lengths boat.

  • The Yacht

The yacht itself is one of the most prominent elements included in the yacht cost. Its type, size, crew size (if any), design, brand, and age are considered. The yacht cost could also increase depending on the year it was built, the builder, the owner, and the necessities or grand items that it provides. The reputation and luxuriousness of the yacht also affect the pricing.

The expensive yacht charters, guest capacity, reputation, technology, and the number of cabins make the yacht more pricey. Just like in cars and bikes, you get a lot of options in yachts too. There are high performance open and expedition yachts, sportfishing yacht, sailing yacht, motor yacht, motor-sail hybrids (gullet yachts), classic yachts, a superyacht (luxury yacht), and multi-hulled catamarans. These various types also affect the charter yacht cost. The most popular type of charter yacht is the motor yachts. Because of its popularity, its price has also taken a rise.

  • Destination

Your charter destination also affects the cost of the charter as remote destinations have lesser charter fleets. However, if you decide to go on with the yachting industries’ established locations, the price may be lesser.


  • Season

The yacht charter price tends to fluctuate with the high season and low season. The high-season yachting is on the more expensive side. In summer, the Mediterranean charters are more costly, and in winter, the Caribbean charters. But it becomes cheaper towards the end of the high season.

  • Trip duration

If you do research, a charter yacht, on average, offers one week trip period. You can also get one for at least 5 days as provided by other companies. If you want to charter one for two weeks, your costs would be twice that of one.

  • Water toys

This includes equipment like paddleboards, underwater Seabobs, kayaks, jet skis, personal submarines, and high-powered yacht tenders (small boats). The yacht that provides this equipment is undoubtedly an expensive one. You may also get more grand yachts with sea pools, zorbs, and water slides.


Whatever the cost may be, a real water lover and traveler will surely not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity even if the price is more than your budget. Just pack your bags, book a yacht, and go exploring in peace. So that you at least experience the luxuriousness and facilities of a private yacht.

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